Vaccine Injury

Vaccines are often required for work and school, but sometimes result in adverse reactions such as fibromyalgia, paralysis, or even death. When seeking compensation for injuries sustained from vaccine reactions, it’s important that your case be handled by a firm experienced in vaccine injury claims and familiar with the workings of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program.

Our daughter's HERO

“Our daughter was injured by her 18 month vaccinations. We were referred to Mr. Edwards and immediately he began to prepare our case. It is because of his belief in us, his hard work and his ability to assemble the best team of experts that we won this case. Mr. Edwards has put in years of hard work on our case, he has been thorough and professional, he has lifted us up when we have felt so beaten down. Words can never explain the gratitude that we feel for his commitment to us and to our daughter. Because of him our disabled daughter will be able to have her needs met for the rest of her life. We highly recommend Mr. Edwards and his incredible staff.”

-K. Vanuum

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