Auto and Trucking Collisions

In all automobile accidents it is necessary to act quickly to preserve evidence, allow physicians and expert witnesses to document and evaluate injuries, and thoroughly investigate the accident in question. In truck injury cases, however, it is also critical to employ a firm with a thorough understanding of commercial vehicle regulations on both the federal and state levels. If hours of service regulations, driver fatigue, or other related regulatory violations led to your injury, it’s important that you act swiftly as trucking companies are only required to maintain these records for a limited time.

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“I was in an auto accident, the insurance company was giving me the run around. I call Mr.Edwards Law Firm to represent me. He immediately took over and my auto repairs,medical bills were paid and he put money in my pockets. Big Thank You to Mr.Edwards his Law Firm, I would recommend Mr.Don Edwards to anyone in need of legal assistance.”

V. Johnson

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